Welcome to our website !

Dear website visitors,

we are very proud to present our new website, also available now in many other languages. If you are interested in our choir and our activities, here you can find all informations related to us. 

  • Choir (Who we are and what we are doing)
  • Conductor (still open vacancy)
  • Dates (Rehearsals // Concerts // Meetings)
  • Audios
  • You can visit our You Tube channel

Feel free to surf on our website. If you have further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. Click here

How to find my your language??

Originaly our website is build in german language. If you want to switsh to your language, you can choose it if you klick on „mehr“ on th top left. Then you can find the famous (not the best) Google translater.




Choose your language and the website will translate automaticly in to your language. 

Try it and be welcome on our side! 


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